Dr. Hauschka

Natural Organic Cosmetics

The finest of differences made transparent

What percentage of the ingredients in natural cosmetics are organic? What are the minimum standards and the maximum values? Furthermore: how can you describe the high quality of a product other than through its material properties – its finely tuned composition, its more than biochemical effect?

Our cosmetics range is certified with the international quality seal for authentic natural and organic cosmetics ‘NATRUE’. The NATRUE standard distinguishes between natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with at least 70% organic ingredients and natural cosmetics with at least 95% organic ingredients. This makes it interesting as the term ‘natural cosmetics’ alone is neither legally protected nor defined by law. At www.natrue.org, you can find the certifications given to the individual Dr.Hauschka cosmetic products.

Look for the NATRUE label for a guarantee that products are as natural as can be!

Wherever available, we procure our ingredients from biodynamic or controlled organic farming. If an organic version of a raw material is not yet available on the global market, we initiate organic farming projects. In India, for example, we supported the non-governmental organisation Satvik with the organic certification of castor oil farmers and can now purchase organic castor oil.

You can count on our products being free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, mineral oils, silicones and PEG.

There is more to quality than good raw materials

Our recipes depend on the high quality of the natural raw materials – but also on the care with which they were grown and processed. By using biodynamic farming, we even put more into the soil than we take out. In Dr. Hauschka cosmetics, the ingredients come together to form complex compositions made up of more than just the sum of their components. Only when their ingredients interact and are supported by the rhythmic manufacturing procedure do our products take on their unique quality that enables them to stimulate the skin’s natural activity.

After all, your skin can look after and renew itself. Our cosmetics do not take over these tasks, but help your skin re-establish its natural balance.