Dr. Hauschka


A fusion of manual work and technology

Our employees pass through two airlock gates to enter the modern manufacturing area in which Rhythmic Conditioner ampoules are automatically filled in accordance with the hygiene regulations for pharmaceutical products. A constant downward air stream protects the valuable ampoules against dirt. These ampoules contain the medicinal plant extracts hand‑picked by our gardeners that characterise our skin care products.

The combination of manual work with precise technology, and natural rhythms with automated systems is typical behaviour at WALA. Dr. Rudolf Hauschka paved the way: he was not only an avid chemist but also an avid nature-watcher. This induced him to develop a procedure for preserving medicinal plants without the use of alcohol.

Dr. Hauschka’s extraction procedure

With his rhytmicised, aqueous medicinal plant extracts, Rudolf Hauschka developed groundbreaking new pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Even today, we still use his procedure to produce our extracts: we cut up freshly harvested plants, mix them with water for seven days, subject them to light and darkness, warmth and cold, rest and movement, press and filter them and sometimes add a little ash to the pressed residues. The extract now contains the essence and the powers of a medicinal plant – and can be preserved for many years.

Our company name reflects our special manufacturing methods: WALA stands for Warm Ash and Light Ash.

A rhythmical manufacturing procedure is also used to create oil extracts and aqueous alcohol‑based essences for our skin care products. During this procedure, the oil extracts are subjected to a specific warming stimulus. Dried plant components, such as rose buds from our partner project in Iran, are carefully transformed into oil at a temperature of 37°C, or in other words at human body temperature.

A different procedure applies for pressed juices: here, we process the entire plant to create freshly pressed juice. This creates the special active powers of these rich juices, which we use for our Dr. Hauschka Med products.

Depending on the recipe, we mix the medicinal plant extracts, essences, tinctures and juices with high-quality waxes and oils to produce ready-to-use products. Out of principle, we forgo using any chemical/synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives. Precise details of the ingredients and extraction procedure used can be found in the product descriptions on our website – so that you know precisely what makes up your favourite product.

Our skin care products benefit from the expertise and stringent hygiene standards in relation to pharmaceutical manufacturing.