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Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards Programme

Dr. Hauschka Face Care

  1. Rewards can only be earned by registered and logged in users.
  2. The value of the reward is 10% of the $ value of the purchase excluding freight.
  3. Rewards are calculated after a successful website transaction and stored in your web account and displayed when you are logged in.
  4. Once sufficient reward '$’s' have been accumulated they can be used to ‘buy’ Dr. Hauschka products.
  5. Rewards may only be redeemed on the TOTAL PURCHASE including the cost of the freight, as long as there are enough rewards accumulated to cover the full cost of your cart i.e. product cost + freight cost. Unfortunately rewards cannot be used as a part payment.
  6. Payment choice features on Step 3 of the payment process. If you have enough points to cover the total cost of your order + freight, a button will appear with the option to redeem your points.
  7. Your order confirmation will note that it was a 'Rewards purchase'.
  8. Loyalty points expire one year after they are accrued.