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Make-up tips for a sun-kissed look
Make-up tips for a sun-kissed look
Make-up tips for a sun-kissed look

Create a gorgeous summer glow

Our international Dr. Hauschka make-up artist, Karim Sattar, loves using Bronzing Powder to highlight the contours of the face and subtly emphasise areas such as the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Here are his make-up tips for creating a beautiful, sun kissed look.

Everyday glow

  • Complexion: dip a brush in the Bronzing Powder and then tap it lightly on the back of your hand. Highlight the areas of your face that best catch the sun by dusting the powder onto your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Gently sweep the colour outwards using circular motions.
  • Eyes: apply Eyeshadow 01 golden sand to your entire upper eyelid, gently blending it towards your eyebrows. Next, apply Eyeshadow 02 golden earth to just your eyelid crease to give your eyes some extra depth. Volume Mascara black makes your eyes look wider for added sparkle. Only apply it to your upper lashes.
  • Lips: apply Lipstick Novum 09 miraculous rose to your lips to perfectly complete this fresh daytime look. You’re ready to go.

Subtle night glow