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Make-up tips Foundation
Make-up tips Foundation
Make-up tips Foundation

A nurturing base: for an even complexion

Before applying the Foundation

For the Foundation to go on evenly, your skin should first be cleansed and moisturised. Otherwise, large amounts of Foundation will become concentrated on dry spots, creating an uneven result. Perhaps your lips, neck and the area under your eyes could use a little cream? This creates the optimum base for long-lasting make-up.

Fingers, sponge or brush?

Naturally,with your fingers

At hand temperature, Foundation spreads easily and harmoniously blends with your complexion. Please moisturise your hands well before use. This allows you to apply the Foundation evenly.

Easily, with a sponge

For easier coverage, application with a damp sponge is ideal.

Carefully, with a brush

When using a brush, you can apply the Foundation to specific areas, increasing its ability to conceal blemishes.

Application and fixing

Foundation – seamless or partial?

For seamless application, apply a little Foundation from your forehead down to your nose, as well as to your chin and cheeks. Always work downwards so as not to emphasise pores or tiny hairs. Next, spread the Foundation outwards to the sides of your face, blending in the areas of transition with your neck, ears and hair line.

Concealer before or after?

After! For greater coverage in specific areas or to conceal shadows on the inner corner of the eyes, add a little Concealer. But don’t cover up too much – leave the moles or freckles that are part of your beauty.

Why use powder?

Powder helps to fix the liquid Foundation and enhances the staying power of your make-up. Use a powder brush to work a little loose powder into your skin using downwards strokes. To create a more matte effect, you can press the powder onto your skin using a powder puff, gently rolling it back and forth. Compact Powder is a practical choice if you like to refresh your make-up while out and about.