Dr. Hauschka

Hand. Care. Moments.

The things my hands touch, touch my life

We use our hands to touch, feel and discover the world around us. Every day. We create contact with ourselves and others through delicate touches – sometimes intentional, sometimes unconscious. We use our hands to gesticulate, communicate and express our attitude and affections. Our hands bring out our innermost being – as individually as our face.

As valuable assistants and shapers of our lives, our hands deserve our attention. Whether at work, doing housework or gardening, our hands are constantly in use. Dry air, water, cold and heat can all leave the skin dry, chapped or cracked and in need of special care and attention.


Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream impressed during tests*

“My new favourite hand cream

As a mountaineer, I often have to deal with the wind and bad weather. Climbing is also tough on the hands and my skin gets chapped and cracked. To my pleasant surprise, I found that Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream quickly and sustainably improves their condition. My skin feels significantly better and I personally love the cream’s natural, subtle fragrance.”

Marianus L.

“A fantastic hand cream that absorbs quickly and sustainably moisturises my hands

My work as a gardener leaves me with very cracked, chapped and damaged hands. After using the Hydrating Hand Cream, my hands feel noticeably better for longer.”

Andrea B.

“This hand cream passed the endurance test

I’m impressed! This really is the first hand cream that I have been 100% satisfied with. I must have believed 50 different promises from other manufacturers but this is the first time a hand cream has lived up to what it promises.”

Gaby S.

*on Utopia, a sustainability web portal