Dr. Hauschka MED for Skin and Oral Care

Special Care Based on Nature's Wisdom

Natural botanical ingredients sage, ice plant, potentilla, neem and horse chestnut lend their powerful fortifying and balancing properties to the line for the long-term health of the skin, teeth, gums and lips.

  • Developed in cooperation with dermatologists, estheticians and dentists
  • Ingredients selected on the basis of their active substances and holistic effect on the human body
  • Founded on more than 70 years of experience in developing Dr. Hauschka Skin Care and WALA Heilmittel homeopathic medicines
  • All Dr. Hauschka Med products are 100% certified natural and free of synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives
  • Available in Europe for years, Dr. Hauschka Med is now in the U.S. for the first time

All Dr. Hauschka Med products are available exclusively at Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies, Pharmaca.com and Dr. Hauschka Estheticians. 

Dr. Hauschka MED Products are formulated to meet very specific needs for skin and oral care. 

Skin Care Products for Atopic Dermatitis and Very Dry Skin

Oral Care Products for Teeth, Gums and Lips