Loyalty Program

Welcome to The Giving Garden®

The Giving Garden® is a new type of loyalty program that not only rewards you with beautiful experiences and surprises, but also gives back to the community. Once you become a member, you’ll start growing instantly every time you pick from our garden. The points you earn will bring you closer to bigger and better rewards like special gifts, sneak peeks of new products, members-only events, and much more. And each time you earn points, you will also help us provide fresh food to our neighbors in need.

We’re excited to start this gardening journey with you and food banks across the country—so together we can fight hunger one seed at a time.

Discover more below and sign up today!

Enter The Giving Garden

If you do not already have a Dr. Hauschka web account, you will be asked to create one.

The Potter

0 - 3,499 Points

As the Potter, you are just starting your journey in the garden, but you are already making an impact. Every time you purchase you are growing and sharing nature’s bounty with others and laying a beautiful foundation. Your green thumb will change lives one meal at a time, plus earn you gifts and more.


3,500 - 7,999 Points

Just as bees are essential to the growth of any garden, so are you to ours. As the Beekeeper, you help grow a more lush and bountiful garden while supporting our food supply. Your love for nature’s buzz will provide 6 meals with every purchase, plus earn you exclusive gifts, free shipping and much more.

Master Gardener

8,000+ Points

Your garden is in full bloom! You are a Master Gardener, so naturally you receive the best rewards and have the largest harvest to help the community. Work in the garden is never done though, so keep growing—there are millions to feed.

RewardsThe PotterBeekeeperMaster Gardener
Points per calendar year0 - 3,499 Points3,500 - 7,999 Points8,000+ Points
Email Subscription X X X
Birthday Gift X X X
Friends & Family Weekend X X X
Holiday Exclusive X X
Early Access X X
Exclusive Dr. Hauschka Gift X
Invitations to Special Events X
Complimentary Shipping Standard Shipping
All orders $50 or more
Standard Shipping
No minimum purchase
Upgraded 2-Day

Community Giving

Each purchase
provides 3 meals

Each purchase
provides 6 meals

Each purchase
provides 9 meals

How to Grow Your Garden


Start growing your garden by shopping our products. Earn points for each purchase.


Tell the world about the products you love. Earn points for posting on your social media.


Refer friends and family you think would enjoy our products. Earn points for sharing the love.

Community Giving

A community that grows together, glows together. Because of you, we are making a beautiful difference in the world. With you and food banks across the country, we are helping people get access to the freshest harvest and fighting hunger one seed at a time.