Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

Your Complexion will be Toned, Balanced, Vital & Radiant.

50 Years of Making a Difference

When the first Dr. Hauschka products were introduced in 1967, the concept of natural beauty products that promoted healthy skin was revolutionary—and entirely new.

Elisabeth Sigmund and Rudolf Hauschka felt like rebels while developing their pioneering formulations. Our two co-founders’ aim was to draw upon expertise in natural remedies, esthetics and the biology of the skin to harness the powers of nature for skin care.

Their endeavor was a dramatic counterpoint to the accepted products of the day, which were focused on hiding or disguising your skin’s true condition.

Our first collection of skin care included the following beloved Face and Body Care products that are still available today:

Our co-founders’ pioneering spirit lives on as we continually innovate and reformulate products to always deliver the most effective, highest quality natural skin care that supports both the health and beauty of your skin.  

"People need two types of beauty - an inner and an outer one."

–Elisabeth Sigmund

In this section, you can discover Dr. Hauschka’s unique approach to skin care, learn about your skin’s needs, and get product recommendations personalized to those needs. 

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