A Celebration of Cosmetics Culture

For the past 50 years, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has supported the health and beauty of your skin while pampering you from head to toe. Join us on a journey into Dr. Hauschka’s Cosmetic Culture, a celebration of our unique approach to beauty that has had a profound impact on millions of people through the years.

When the first Dr. Hauschka products were introduced in 1967, the concept of natural beauty products that promoted healthy skin was revolutionary—and entirely new.

Elisabeth Sigmund and Rudolf Hauschka felt like rebels while developing their pioneering formulations. Our two co-founders’ aim was to draw upon expertise in natural remedies, esthetics and the biology of the skin to harness the powers of nature for skin care.

Their endeavor was a dramatic counterpoint to the accepted products of the day, which were focused on hiding or disguising your skin’s true condition.

The Dr. Hauschka approach to skin care affects more than just our skin—it brings a quality to our lives that feels authentic, personal and special. It is this aspect that forms the heart of our Cosmetics Culture. It is an expression of the values we share and live by.

Treasures Born of Nature

From the beginning, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products have been made from pure, natural ingredients, sourced wherever possible from biodynamic or organic farms and gardens or harvested in the wild under certified eco-friendly conditions. Our first choices for sourcing our botanicals are our biodynamic garden and farm in Germany; what we can’t grow ourselves comes from socially responsible cultivation partnerships and fair trade projects around the world.

The Source of Potent Raw Ingredients

Explore our biodynamic garden and meet Head Gardener Bernhard Ehrmann.


Socially Responsible Cultivation from Around the World

To obtain premium organic raw materials, we establish and support projects such as a macadamia nut venture in Kenya. Ralf Kunert, Director of Raw Materials Purchasing, reveals more.


Highly Attuned Products

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is formulated to offer you bright, nurturing experiences that benefit your total wellbeing. By day, our Face Care fortifies and guides your skin to a healthy, balanced state. At night, our water-based Night Care allows skin to breathe freely while supporting its natural processes of renewal. And all are NATRUE-certified as natural and organic skin care.

100% Certified Natural

How do the labels of natural skin care products differ from others? Constanze Stiefel from our Pharmaceutical/Scientific Information Team explains.


Powerful and Liberating: Dr. Hauschka Night Care

Elena Dowedeit,Head of Brand Conception and Communications, explains how a water-based night care product uses powerful plant extracts to stimulate the skin.


Expertise 50 Years Smart

At our company’s headquarters in Germany, we manufacture our products in line with exacting pharmaceutical standards. In doing so, we combine our wealth of knowledge in nurturing botanicals with the latest scientific research. Our signature production methods began more than 80 years ago, with Dr. Rudolf Hauschka’s experiments subjecting botanical extracts to rhythmic alternation between heat and cold, light and dark, or movement and rest, in order to capture the full vitality of the living plant.

‘Healing Skin Care by Elisabeth Sigmund’

This was the name initially given to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. Florian Öxler, our archivist, talks about the line’s early days in the world of skin care.


A Modern Take on Signature Methods

How were our products first made? Herwig Judex shares the history of our manufacturing processes while Florian Stintzing, Head of Science, explains how these valuable processes are enhanced today with modern methods.


Creating New Products

We create our formulations based on extensive expertise in skin care and natural pharmaceuticals, along with many years of experience and the greatest of care. Using hands-on procedures requiring intensive manual work, we create complex compositions of nourishing plant extracts in which every ingredient offers an important contribution.

More Than the Sum of Its Parts

How is a new Dr. Hauschka product created? Marie Calas from Product Development answers questions, sharing how we developed our Make-up line to enhance personal beauty while nurturing skin.

Coming in July

We Serve People, Not Markets

We adhere to values that support humankind rather than look to turn a quick profit. Our manufacturer’s structure as a foundation, protected from purchase or sale, helps ensure this dedication to mission. General Manager Johannes Stellmann holds this dedication very dear.


Extraordinary Experiences

The Dr. Hauschka approach to skin care invites you to take a break from everyday life with rituals that cater to your own needs. You experience a very real connection to nature via all five senses through the look, fragrance, and feel of our products. Our unique, 3-step skin care regimen for the morning and evening provides the perfect way to start and close your day.

A Bright Morning Trio: Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

Our approach to skin care is as rhythmic as life itself. Dr. Hauschka respects and supports the skin’s natural rhythms for results that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the touch. Dr. Hauschka Esthetician and Product Manager Barbara Becheru explains.


The Joy of a Warm Embrace

Dr. Hauschka Body Care products protect and nourish the skin as they impart sensations of comfort and warmth. Head of Product Development Annette Greco and Product Manager Florian Junge discuss the special qualities of Dr. Hauschka Body Oils and Bath Essences.


Treatments that Transform

To experience a Dr. Hauschka facial treatment is to be transformed. Elisabeth Sigmund, co-founder of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, recognized the importance of lymphatic stimulation and made it a key component of our Classic Treatment. Gentle massage and brush strokes stimulate skin to awaken its natural cleansing processes to profound results. To this day, lymphatic stimulation remains a part of all our Signature Treatments.

The Art of Touch

In the 1950s, before co-founding Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Esthetician and Product Formulator Elisabeth Sigmund developed a holistic facial treatment that started with a foot bath—a surprising approach, to say the least. Even today, many of her ideas are revolutionary, as Dr. Hauschka Esthetician Manuela Schöbel shares.


The Holistic Effect

How can our products have a powerful yet liberating effect on your skin and wellbeing? Dr. Hauschka Esthetician Manuela Schöbel discusses the gentle, transformative nature of our products.

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