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The Art of Touch – the Dr. Hauschka Esthetician

The Art of Touch – the Dr. Hauschka Esthetician

“And feel wonderfully rejuvenated”

Anyone who has ever come to Dr. Hauschka for a treatment will gladly make the experience a regular ritual – an excuse for some time-out, a self-prescribed treatment or a special treat every four to six weeks.

What makes our products so special also forms the basis of our facial and body treatments: by using a holistic, rhythmic approach, we provide stimuli that boost regeneration and wellbeing. Our Dr. Hauschka estheticians start the classic spa treatments with your feet and do not end them until your whole body feels relaxed, rejuvenated and well-balanced.

“It’s amazing to do something good for people while getting so much out of it for yourself. When my customers leave my studio with a smile on their face in happy anticipation of their next session, that’s the best payment in the world.”
Gabriele Schulz, Dr. Hauschka esthetician

The art of touch

Since Elisabeth Sigmund created the foundations for our skin care products in the 1960s, lymphatic stimulation has been at the heart of all Dr. Hauschka treatments. The wafer-thin lymph capillaries play an important role in the removal of metabolic products and excess tissue fluid. When stimulated with gentle massaging and brush strokes, they relax and unblock – oxygen and nutrients can penetrate your cells and your tissue is purified; your body’s self-cleansing processes are wide awake.

“It’s lovely to see the changes that the skin and people as a whole undergo during Dr. Hauschka spa treatments.”
Susanne Reitner, Dr. Hauschka esthetician

Communication with the body’s tissue is an art; it provides wellbeing and health care in one. For this reason, only Dr. Hauschka estheticians who have received further training from us are allowed to offer our treatments. They know our product recipes and understand how our products work, enabling them to select the perfect range of pampering products for your current skin condition: a treatment, a mask, fragrant compresses, body oil and body cream.

Although we initially only offered facial treatments, our range has now been expanded to include full body treatments and facial gymnastics.

To relax and activate, pamper and nurture – these are the aims of all Dr. Hauschka spa treatments.