Dr. Hauschka

Rhythm the heart of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

A valuable source of inspiration

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka was a young chemist when he met Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Thirty years his senior, Dr. Steiner gave Dr. Hauschka the advice that was to inspire him to make a groundbreaking discovery years later:

“Study rhythms – rhythm brings life.”

With Steiner’s answer in his head, Hauschka developed a procedure for preserving medicinal plant extracts without using alcohol as a preservative. He used the power of natural polarities, the rhythmic alternation of darkness and light, warmth and cold, movement and rest.

Even today, we still use this basic rhythmic procedure to produce our extracts, essences and tinctures. We rhythmically stir our base products and even rhythmically shake our preparations to prepare them for the Intensive Treatments, for example. The rhythms of the seasons also determine the work in our medicinal plant garden.

Rhythm as a form of communication

Rhythm is not an end in itself; it is also a way of contacting your own body. Like all other organisms, your body also recognises and experiences different rhythms. If we take your skin alone as an example:

Your skin renews itself every 28 days. And it behaves differently during the day and at night, when it regenerates itself.

We tailor our skin care products to these rhythms: the regular use of Dr. Hauschka products supports your skin’s regeneration rhythm, activating and stabilising it. Rich, moisturising products pamper your skin during the day while at night we recommend using non-oily products to enable your skin’s metabolic functions to work undisturbed.

But deeper rhythms, cycles and balances can also be communicated with via your skin: your lymph system, for example. The trained Dr. Hauschka estheticians understand how to stimulate the lymphs. They trigger balancing and regenerating stimuli from your head to your toes – leaving your body with a sense of harmonious vitality.

By using rhythms, we can activate our body’s natural forces.

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