Dr. Hauschka

Healing impulse

Where does vitality come from? And how can it be increased?

Whether we are looking at the compost in our medicinal plant garden, an organic roses project in Afghanistan, our employees’ families or one of our skin care products in your home, our aim is always the same: to carefully support existing powers and forces.

We do this with the aid of many different stimuli: rhythms that we incorporate into WALA medicines and Dr. Hauschka skin care products. Free agricultural advice for our raw material suppliers on how to convert to organic or Demeter farming. Subsidies for nursery and school fees for our employees. Preparations that we use to stimulate our compost, which in turn regenerates the soil. All of these stimuli have one thing in common: they see connections and take on responsibility without restricting each other’s development.

“The healing of a group of people who work together is greater the less individuals claim the fruits of their efforts for themselves. In other words, the more they pass on these fruits to their co-workers and the more they satisfy their own needs through others’ performances rather than their own.”
Rudolf Steiner

This basis defines our relationship with our employees, suppliers and customers. For example, as follows:

    • By using ingredients that come from biodynamic or controlled organic farming wherever possible, we foster a type of agriculture that forgoes the use of chemical insecticides and fertilisers, supports and conserves soil fertility and biodiversity, respects natural balances and strengthens the earth as a whole.
    • We are not only firm believers in organic farming but also active participants: we have our own biodynamic medicinal plant garden and a Demeter farm. We gladly pass on our practical expertise by initiating and sponsoring several organic farming projects in various countries around the world.
    • We create long-term cooperative relations with our partner companies – whether suppliers of castor oil in Asia, shea butter in Africa or product packaging in Europe. We are committed to fair trade relations based on mutual trust and independent opportunities for development. At their request, we provide our farming partners with biodynamic consultants.
    • Our company belongs to the WALA Foundation: the concept of healing stimuli is also evident in our business practices at this higher organisational level – our company’s profits go into the foundation, which makes long-term investments and distributes money to our employees.
    • Our employees therefore share in WALA’s profits. We give them freedom for development and responsibilities but also take on a certain level of responsibility for their lives outside WALA through voluntary social benefits and assistance with nursery and school fees.
    • We endeavour to use sustainable business practices in all areas of the company. We procure 100% green electricity, use sustainable construction methods to build our company premises and offer company bicycles and organic meals. We have been environmentally certified for this commitment since 1999.

We believe that these many stimuli shape the quality of every single one of our products.