Dr. Hauschka

Available in stores starting 1 February 2018

New from Dr. Hauschka Make-up: Purple Light limited edition

Bad Boll/Eckwälden – Twice a year, Dr. Hauschka likes to surprise and inspire cosmetics users with special colours, textures or completely new products. As the name Purple Light suggests, the Dr. Hauschka Look for spring and summer 2018 showcases different shades of purple. This expressive limited edition features delicate rosé, rich lilac and deep violet.

The right one for everyone: Dr. Hauschka Day Care Promotion 2018

Bad Boll/Eckwälden – They protect the skin from external influences, provide and preserve moisture and ensure reliable care throughout the day: Dr. Hauschka day care products. Whatever your skin’s condition, they will help to restore its natural balance. From 15 January 2018, Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream will come free with Dr. Hauschka day care products. The moisture-rich formula is the ideal supplement for all conditions of skin.

Dr. Hauschka and first love – two classic products in limited-edition economy sizes

Bad Boll/Eckwälden – Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is turning 50 and celebrating its Cosmetics Culture. So as a thank you to its customers, starting on 15 September 2017 and for a limited time it will be offering Rose Day Cream and Cleansing Cream in economy sizes of 50 and 100 millilitres, respectively. Both of these products have been on the market since 1967 and are still perennial favourites. In addition to the price savings, there will be a limited-edition anniversary bag made from organic cotton. And the Cleansing Cream will also come with an exclusive tube squeezer key.

For days full of lightness – Dr. Hauschka summer skin care now comes with a free body wash

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, Germany – The summer highlights from Dr. Hauschka allow you to enjoy the warmer days with freshness and lightness, whether you are out and about or working in the office. As of 1 July, those purchasing a Revitalising Leg & Arm Tonic, a Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Milk or After Sun body lotion will receive a Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Wash in a limited special size of 30 ml as a free gift.

Smoothing intensive care, right down to the fingertips

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 7 June 2017 – Starting 15 May 2017, the new Regenerating Hand Cream will join the Dr. Hauschka line of regenerating skin care products. As it ages, the skin loses elasticity, becomes drier and begins to show lines and wrinkles. Because the hands are active and busy every day, this is where the early signs of skin aging often appear. Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream is ideally suited to meet the needs of mature hands.

Ideal for travel: Dr.Hauschka Med Sage Mouthwash in travel size

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 07.06.2017 – From 15 April 2017, Dr.Hauschka Med Sage Mouthwash will be available in a practical travel-size pack for as long as stocks last. This mouthwash is an ideal addition to everyday oral hygiene and keeps the breath fresh at the same time. The formula includes extracts from antibacterial sage, astringent ratanhia and soothing marshmallow. In this way, the mouthwash helps to keep the gums strong and to prevent inflammation in the mouth – making a real contribution to oral hygiene, including places where toothbrushes and dental floss cannot reach.

Better quality of life for people with atopic dermatitis

A new approach to research shows how regular skin care can be helpful to infants and toddlers with a predisposition to atopic dermatitis

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 29 May 2017 – Children of parents who suffer from atopic dermatitis or hay fever are genetically predisposed to developing atopic dermatitis. This means that their parents are often particularly concerned and interested in finding ways to help their children. Generally speaking, the natural skin barrier of infants is sensitive and not yet fully developed. So a fortifying daily basic care product is especially important for infants and toddlers with a genetic predisposition to atopic dermatitis.

Anniversary: Dr. Hauschka is celebrating 50 years of cosmetics culture

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 6 March 2017 – When Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was first founded in 1967, the concept of a natural cosmetics range that promotes healthy skin was something entirely new. Nowadays, natural cosmetics are widely used and a hot topic on everyone’s lips. This year, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The main priority for its founders, chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka and cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund, was to use the powers of nature for skin care by developing new production processes. This pioneering achievement paid off; Dr. Hauschka has become a classic purveyor of natural cosmetics, now also offering a Make-up range and a medical skin care range ‘Dr.Hauschka Med’. Just as agriculture is devoted to caring for the land, new cosmetics should take special care of the skin. This prompted the founders to coin the term ‘cosmetics culture’, which is still reflected in the brand’s various facets today.

Capturing the power of summer Expert tips for using Dr. Hauschka Body Oils

Bad Boll/Eckwälden – Although the weather may be summery on some autumn days, the changing of the seasons can still be felt. The power and energy of the sun which is stored in Dr. Hauschka Body Oils help make the summer last a bit longer. With this in mind, starting on 1 September 2016 Dr. Hauschka will showcase its six Body Oils – in attractive special packaging featuring a folded candle cover and tips from Dr. Hauschka Estheticians.

Ask an expert: Lemon balm at Dr. Hauschka

Bad Boll/Eckwälden - At Dr. Hauschka, the lemon balm harvest will begin in mid-May. This marks the start of the lemon balm’s journey into Dr. Hauschka products. Its delicate lemon fragrance invigorates the senses – but it can do much more. Dr. Constanze Stiefel, raw materials expert and employee of the Pharmaceutical Scientific Information at WALA Heilmittel GmbH, talks about lemon balm and the ways it is used after being harvested.

50 years of Cosmetics Culture: Dr. Hauschka says “thank you”

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 05.10.2016 – A natural cosmetics line for healthy skin: in 1967, when the first Dr. Hauschka products came on the market, this was something completely new. Dr. Hauschka is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. As a special thank-you to our customers, Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream will be available in an economy-size pack (100 ml) as of 1 February 2017. The limited edition comes with a free anniversary bag and tube squeezer key.

Available from retail outlets as of mid August

Precious moments in the blink of an eye
Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette from Dr. Hauschka

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 20.08.2015 – Going through life with your eyes open, expressing your personality, enchanting others: it is always all about the eyes; they are real treasures. The single blink of an eye is enough to sense the deep connection between the inner and outer beauty of a person. The four perfectly tailored colour tones in the Limited Edition Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette make any woman's eyes shine. They can either be used for subtle daytime make-up or a dramatic evening look. These flexible eyeshadows can be applied not only to the eyelids but also to the eyebrows. The Limited Edition Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette will be available as of 15 August in an exclusive packaging with a dual-purpose eye and eyebrow brush. An elegantly designed slipcase conceals a black box with a sophisticated lid, which, when opened, reveals a tip for defining the eyebrows. There is also a detailed brochure with instructions for creating four different looks (including Smoky Eyes). The makeup ¬instructions for the popular Smoky Eyes look can be separated so they are always at hand.

Available in stores starting 1 February 2015

New Dr. Hauschka Foundation in five different shades
Balances out minor blemishes and lets your personality shine through

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 17.03.2015/tow – Everyone has their own definition of beauty. Some associate it with a flawless complexion. Others equate beauty with harmony – the inner light that radiates through the skin. Although make-up cannot create beauty itself, it can be used to underscore it. An even complexion truly enhances the distinct features of a woman’s face. This is why the new Dr. Hauschka Foundation was developed: the five natural shades – “01 macadamia”, “02 almond”, “03 chestnut”, “04 hazelnut” and “05 nutmeg” – blend in with the wearer’s own skin tone, concealing minor flaws, but allowing her personality to shine through with all its natural vitality. The revamped design of the packaging fits with the new content – the gleaming black surface of the 30 ml tube underlines the high quality of the product contained within. The new Dr. Hauschka Foundation is available in stores as of 1 February 2015.

Available in stores from 15 January 2015

A treasure trove of personal care products from Dr. Hauschka
Selected day care products with free trial-size packages

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 17.03.2015/tow – Throughout the ages, people have always hunted for treasure. Back in the Gold Rush era, thousands set off in search of treasure, but only a few found it. Today, treasure is closer at hand – and, with Dr. Hauschka, you can always be sure of finding it. After all, each product is meticulously prepared using natural treasures and is geared towards the individual needs of the skin. As part of our day care promotion in 2015, selected Dr. Hauschka day creams will come with a free trial-size facial cleansing product. You can choose between four well-matched combinations in an appealing packaging design: Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream (30 ml) with a trial size Soothing Cleansing Milk (10 ml), Rose Day Cream light (30 ml) with Soothing Cleansing Milk (10 ml), Quince Day Cream (30 ml) with Cleansing Cream (10 ml) and Melissa Day Cream (30 ml) with Cleansing Cream (10 ml). This means that hunting for treasure is something to look forward to every day. The day care promotion products with free trial-size packages are available in stores as of 15 January 2015.

Available from retailers from 1 November 2014

Like that wondrous feeling of meeting for the first time…
The new Dr. Hauschka Body Care Kits are the perfect introductory product

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 31.10.2014/tow – It is the little things in life that make the difference. Remarkably, it is also in the little things that we often find greatness. This is certainly the case with Dr. Hauschka’s two new Body Care Kits ‘Freshness & Energy’ and ‘Harmony’. Each contains six different trial sizes (10 ml) of nurturing body washes, wholesome bath essences, valuable body oils, pampering body lotions and protective hand cream, all wrapped up in delicate tissue paper and safely nestled in an exquisite metal case. Even before this is revealed, the beautifully designed packaging strip, adorned with the image of a plant, hints at the quality of the items concealed within. The Body Care Kits come with a detailed brochure that describes the versatile world of Dr. Hauschka body care, describing the individual products and their special features. As a result, the two kits offer the perfect introduction to Dr. Hauschka body care and invite you to explore and experiment. Customised body care regimes can be discovered, experienced and enjoyed as each product individually reveals its natural side. The Body Care Kits are also extremely practical for on the go and make a lovely little gift to turn an everyday encounter into something special. The Dr. Hauschka ‘Freshness & Energy’ and ‘Harmony’ Body Care Kits are available from retailers and
Dr. Hauschka estheticians from November. 

Available in stores from 15 October 2014

Every day a soothing surprise
Experience something special with the Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 31.10.2014/tow – Advent is a time of cosy anticipation. A time when doors open up to reveal soothing quiet and contemplation. This Advent, this may well refer to the doors in the lovingly created Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar. Behind each door are gems from the
Dr. Hauschka Face Care and Body Care series, marking the days until the celebration of love that is Christmas. They bring joy and comfort – an oasis of relaxation in the pre-Christmas period. The
Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar
is available in stores as of mid-October 2014.

First organic mango butter worldwide
Dr. Hauschka initiates new raw materials project in India

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 30.10.2014/ib – Although mango butter is an important raw material for cosmetics manufacturers, it has never been available in organic quality. That is, until Dr. Hauschka set the wheels in motion for a raw materials project in India. Both the project and the raw material passed the testing stage, meaning that Dr. Hauschka will now use only organic mango butter for its products. Sourcing this valuable raw material in organic quality comes at a price: Dr. Hauschka pays 10 times the world market price for conventional mango butter.

Shine with radiant brilliance
Dr. Hauschka make-up for special occasions

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 17 October 2014/is – Like the welcoming boards of a familiar stage sparkling with dancing lights, the festive season beckons once again. During this special time of year, a woman likes to shine. And radiant, shimmering make-up puts her in the spotlight for a unforgettable appearance. It underscores her inner radiance, which glows even brighter than the festive lights, and turns a holiday celebration into a five-star occasion. This year, the colours of the season are soft, natural and warm. They glimmer and shine, revealing the inner spark that is within every woman – in keeping with the festive spirit. Internationally renowned Dr. Hauschka make-up artist Karim Sattar has created a vivacious make-up look specifically for such special occasions, dominated by shades of gold, sand and brown accentuated with a delicate rosé. It showcases an even complexion and extremely dramatic, shining eyes. Fresh, gently shimmering lips add a luminous note. He also combines delicate rosé with a hint of ivory for a festive, radiant glow on the cheeks.

Available in stores starting 15 October 2014
Take a break from the everyday
Beauty rituals from Dr. Hauschka provide intensive care for the skin

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 17.10.2014/tow – We all have our own important rituals and cherished habits. They represent an island of calm in our daily bustle. For instance, you can leave your cares behind by consciously taking a time out and performing a ritual of well-being. Pampering your skin with a satisfying deep cleansing followed by an extra touch of moisturising will also reward you with a fresh, rosy complexion. To ensure that you have everything on hand for your beauty ritual, from the intensive care products to the right utensils, Dr. Hauschka is offering three limited-edition intensive care sets. Our Harmonising Beauty Ritual Set, Revitalising Beauty Ritual Set and Regenerating Beauty Ritual Set each contain a trial-size Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Steam Bath (10 ml), Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Clay Mask (10 g), a small, high-quality porcelain bowl and a handy mask application brush. Each set is also customised with a Dr. Hauschka facial mask suitable for a specific skin condition, also in a limited-edition trial size (12.5 ml). The sets will be available in stores and from Dr. Hauschka Estheticians starting in mid-October. The intensive Dr. Hauschka Beauty Ritual Sets are perfect for enjoying a regular break and pampering yourself – with care and attention, with extracts of medicinal herbs and rich oils. The trial sizes are an ideal way to explore the products.

Available in stores from 15 September 2014

Enveloping care for the skin and the senses
Dr. Hauschka Body Creams now in new packaging

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 17.10.2014/tow – Sometimes everyday gestures are those that move us most. They stay with us all day, touching our hearts and lifting our spirits. We can give this kind of care to ourselves simply by applying body moisturiser every day – massaging our skin with gentle, stroking movements, while the unmistakable fragrance composition pampers our senses and evokes images within us. Both together envelop us throughout the day or night. This particular kind of protection is provided by Dr. Hauschka’s rich, nourishing Body Creams – Lavender Sandalwood Calming, Rose Nurturing and Almond Soothing. These are absorbed quickly, leaving the skin feeling healthy and well, while at the same time activating its protective functions and preserving its natural balance. None of the three Body Creams is the same: each of them was developed based on an individual formula consisting of high-grade oils and combined with medicinal herbs. So that the valuable products themselves are well protected, they will be available as of mid-September in classy, high-grade plastic tubes – something that has been requested by many Dr. Hauschka customers. The velvety soft tubes fit snugly in the hand and can be emptied completely, ensuring that not a single drop of their valuable contents goes to waste.

Dr. Hauschka’s body care range redesign emphasises its closeness to customers and specialist retailers

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 9 September 2014 /ADM – Having already introduced a modernised packaging design and improved product names and descriptions for its facial care products, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is now preparing to launch its new-look body care products on 15 September. The evolution will then be complete and will enable consumers to identify the areas of application far more easily.

Recent study shows: Regular moisturising helps children and parents

Dr.Hauschka Med Skin – effective moisturising and well-tolerated protection for infants and young children with a predisposition to atopic disorders

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 26 August 2014/ib – Many infants and young children suffer from dry and flaky skin that itches and feels tight. Up to 20 percent of all children in industrialised nations are affected by atopic dermatitis. Ninety percent first experience symptoms in the first five years of their lives, with 60 percent of those affected in the first 12 months. These numbers prompted WALA Heilmittel GmbH, manufacturer of the Dr.Hauschka Med line of products, to join forces with a university hospital and conduct a comprehensive clinical application study. The results showed that Dr.Hauschka Med Ice Plant Body Care Lotion and Dr.Hauschka Med Intensive Ice Plant Cream strengthen and stabilise the skin of infants and young children with a predisposition to atopic disorders. The products had positive effects on dryness and itching. The study also demonstrated a further important aspect: Skin care goes beyond simply moisturising. When parents regularly apply lotion to their child's skin, it makes both adults and children calmer and more relaxed.

Gentle summer tan for every season
Limited edition: Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder now in a watercoloured decorative case with bag and brush

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 6 August 2014/is – A cloudless sky and the warming rays of the sun are reflected on the turquoise surface of the water. A gentle breeze ruffles the hair lightly. We love to luxuriate in the beautiful images of summer and wish we could re-live those relaxed and enjoyable hours. This is the motif captured in a stunning watercolour by Berlin artist Tina Berning. And it can only be found on the decorative case of the limited-edition Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder, available starting 15 August. This attractively shaped powder case comes in a small, handy cloth bag with a side pocket that is just the right size for the natural-bristle brush, which is included. This makes it easy to take the powder everywhere you go, ensuring that you can always have a naturally beautiful, translucent summer tan no matter what the season.

A new take on a popular classic
Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream: Protects and fortifies the skin

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 03 June 2014/tow – Nothing endures but change, as the philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus knew in his time. It is a good thing there are constants in life that we can always count on – in all of life’s situations, and for decades now. Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream is one of those constants. Since its market launch in 1967, it has been the most popular Dr. Hauschka product, offering protection and lending strength, providing harmony and bringing opposites back into balance. Although its formula may have been altered slightly over the years, its unique moisturising properties remain unchanged until today. And with its new formula that is even richer in roses and features sustaining carnauba wax, Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream moisturises and protects normal, dry and sensitive skin as well as skin that is prone to redness and broken capillaries (couperose). It will be available in stores starting in May 2014.

Continuing to write skin-care history –
Dr. Hauschka introduces a new design and optimised product information

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 3 March 2014/ib – Sometimes the time is ripe for a change. Embracing this idea, Dr. Hauschka has changed its packaging design, among other things. In 2014 the redesigned products will be presented for the first time at Vivaness, the flagship trade fair for natural cosmetics in Nuremberg, Germany. The premium quality of the natural ingredients and the medical and scientific roots of the Dr. Hauschka products are reflected in the pure, elegant design, showcased by the unadorned white of the packaging. The gold tone that was previously used for the easy-to-use spray pump and pump dispenser as well as for the Dr. Hauschka composite mark has been replaced with a more modern, subtle shade of platinum. The coloured bands have remained almost unchanged, helping customers to identify product categories such as face care or body care. For example, Rose Day Cream and similar products continue to carry the orange band that marks them as face care products, while a red band clearly shows that Lavender Sandalwood Body Moisturiser is a body care product. The launch of the new design will begin in March 2014 with the line of face care products, followed by the body care products in September 2014. Dr. Hauschka Med and Decorative Cosmetics are not affected by the changes.

Chorus: A natural melody of colours
The new 2014 spring/summer Look by Dr. Hauschka

Available in stores starting in mid-February 2014

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 18 February 2014/is – Springtime is nature’s prelude, presented in an array of sumptuous colours that come together in a vivid concert. The diversity and vitality of the new shades motivates you to try out something new and experiment with a full spectrum of natural colours. To successfully launch the new season, Dr. Hauschka has created Chorus, the spring/summer limited edition. Six new products – a blush trio, two eyeshadow duos, one Kajal eyeliner, one lip gloss and one lipstick – invite you to express every colour of your personality, individually or in combination to ring out your own internal melody. As always at Dr. Hauschka, the inspiration for the new hues was the unique richness of nature’s colour palette. Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Chorus will be available in stores starting in mid-February 2014, presented in elegant, melancholic blue packaging.

New UK sales subsidiary for Dr. Hauschka: WALA UK Ltd.

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 23.01.2014/ib – Dr. Hauschka, a brand marketed by the traditional German company WALA Heilmittel GmbH, is now able to boost its presence on the UK market. A newly established subsidiary, WALA UK Ltd., which is based in Oxfordshire near London, will be marketing and distributing the premium natural and organic cosmetics products as of 1 January. Dr. Hauschka enthusiasts will be able to find a wide range of products in selected specialist stores. Consumers can also find extensive information online at www.dr.hauschka.com/UK . And those who prefer to order online can have their favourite products delivered to their front door via the integrated web shop.

Dr. Hauschka’s answer to cold, wet weather
Windy Weather Bath Essence warms and relaxes

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 21 October 2013/tow – Autumn and winter have many positive sides – but cold, wet weather often takes the fun out of these seasons. Spending time outdoors can quickly lead to a chill. Unpleasant dampness can penetrate through clothing all the way to the skin. This is the right moment for Windy Weather Bath Essence from Dr. Hauschka. Slipping into the bath warms the body and soothes the spirit, imparting a sense of well-being. Windy Weather Bath Essence is available from October to April in a 30-ml bottle.

Top location in Milan –
Dr. Hauschka flagship store opens its doors

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 21 October 2013/ib – On 18 September, Italy’s first Dr. Hauschka flagship store opened its doors in time for Milan Fashion Week. Located at Via Abbadesse 20 in the historic centre of the Italian beauty and fashion metropolis, the new Dr. Hauschka flagship store is an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation. Here customers can shut out the international hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy different Dr. Hauschka treatments and consult with a Dr. Hauschka Esthetician. A separate area is devoted exclusively to make-up. Depending on the occasion and personal taste, customers can dive back into city life sporting a natural or a dramatic look.

Skin care and relaxation under the Christmas tree
Dr. Hauschka gift sets inspire the senses

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 21.10.2013/tow – Christmas is a celebration of love and joy. Lights shine in every home, the fragrance of delicious treats fills the air. Like stars decorating the canopy of the night sky, the wrapped presents under the tree sparkle in the candlelight – and here it also seems that some shine even more brightly and clearly. It is the special gifts that stand apart from the rest. Three new Dr. Hauschka Skin Care gift sets with the festive names “A Kiss on the Hand”, “Enchanted Almond” and “Rose Dreams” will make wishes come true. The carefully selected combinations harmonise to promise relaxation and well-being. They care for the skin, inspire the senses and sweep us away to rich worlds of fragrance. The attractive design of the packaging heightens the sense of anticipation, while the contents pamper the body and spirit. The three Dr. Hauschka gift sets will be available in stores starting in mid-October.

Time to make a sensational appearance
Festive make-up from Dr. Hauschka

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 16 October 2013/is – Festive occasions are always exciting. They are wonderful times of big surprises and little secrets – and the moment to make a unique and striking appearance. We want to shine, to appear in the best light for those we care about and to please ourselves by looking simply elegant and full of self-confidence. However, many women want to set themselves apart without being over the top and aim for a look that is festive without being too classic. To meet these wishes, internationally renowned Dr. Hauschka make-up-artist Karim Sattar has developed a festive make-up look for these special occasions. He places a spotlight on the most expressive features, the eyes and the mouth. In addition to a very even complexion, the look is dominated by light ivory on the eyelids and black eyeliner around the eyes, underscored by volumising black mascara on the lashes. For an expressive contrast Karim Sattar uses a warm red on the lips, with lipliner in the same colour providing dynamic accents.

Relax with Dr. Hauschka before or after flying
Now Dr. Hauschka treatments can be enjoyed in Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse spas

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 16 August 2013/ib – Since 1 August, Upper Class guests flying with Virgin Atlantic can let themselves be pampered with Dr. Hauschka at Heathrow and Gatwick airports. In the spa of the Clubhouse lounges, they can choose one of the different treatments and enjoy experiencing the Dr. Hauschka products. Most of the treatments last 15 or 30 minutes; the maximum length is 45 minutes. Whether a treatment for the face, back, neck and shoulders, hands or feet – or even a hot-stone massage – here passengers will find an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the airport and their journey. Featuring premium botanical oils and compositions of select medicinal plants, the face and body care products from Dr. Hauschka support the skin’s regenerative powers.

Slip into comfort and relaxation
Four new worlds of fragrance for the bath

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 16.08.2013/ib – As the days get shorter and outdoor temperatures start to sink, our attention automatically starts to turn inwards. We wish for warmth and well-being. What could be better than drawing a bath, closing the door and slipping into a wonderfully fragrant world where you can dwell entirely on your thoughts? Starting in mid-September, you can experience four new worlds of fragrance from Dr. Hauschka. The new, creamy Rose and Moor Lavender bath milks as well as the Almond and Lemon Lemongrass bath essences from Dr. Hauschka invite you to pamper your mind, spirit and body in the warm water of the bath and depart on a sensual journey through a land of fragrance. The new Dr. Hauschka bath essences will be available in stores starting in mid-September.

Introducing essential rose oil from Ethiopia: A new raw-material project run by WALA Heilmittel GmbH

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 16.11.2012/ib – When it comes to sources of essential rose oil, countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran and Afghanistan come to mind – but Ethiopia? As it turns out, the Ethiopian highlands, which are known for their coffee, provide the ideal conditions for growing the very fragrant Damask rose, and this "Rosa damascena" yields an exceptionally precious essential oil. Seven years ago, Ethiopian farmer Fekade Lakew joined forces with WALA Heilmittel GmbH and began cultivating Damask roses in keeping with the principles of biodynamic agriculture. This year he distilled the first batch of essential rose oil. This is the first rose oil production in sub-Saharan Africa that is transitioning to organic standards. In compliance with their high quality standards of using exclusively raw materials from certified organic sources whenever possible, it is of critical importance to WALA, which manufactures WALA Medicines and Dr.Hauschka Skin Care, to establish new partnerships with suppliers of raw materials.

Wave good-bye to chapped winter hands: Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream moisturises and protects

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 29 October 2012/cs – It is already autumn – winter is just around the corner. This is a favourite time of year for many, as they enjoy walks through the colourful autumn woods and tranquil winter landscapes covered in a blanket of snow. However, this is also the season in which the hands face the twin challenges of the cold and the significant temperature differences between indoors and outdoors. Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream moisturises the hands through the winter season and provides the skin protection against chapping and cracking.

Let your skin feel free – Dr.Hauschka Med Ice Plant Face Cream

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 05.09.2012/tow – Skin that doesn't always have to take centre stage. A face that looks healthy and radiant. Everybody who has suffered from extremely dry skin, tightness and itchiness has this wish. Now the tried and trusted Dr.Hauschka Med Skin line of products includes a face cream developed especially for people with atopic eczema. The new Dr.Hauschka Med Ice Plant Face Cream can be used when they are not suffering from active symptoms. A new ingredient, rich white poppy oil, is part of the formula. Quickly absorbed, it immediately leaves the skin feeling relaxed – precisely what people with atopic eczema have wished for. The product will be launched at the beginning of October.

Take a holiday at home – with Dr.Hauschka face masks

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 05.09.2012/is – An oasis of calm, time to take a deep breath and leave all cares behind, sensual moments for ourselves or for enjoying nature. When we grant our body and spirit a holiday from the everyday, it can take any of these enjoyable forms. We want to make the feeling of relaxation last as long as possible. So it's worth taking the time for a short break at home as well. The Dr.Hauschka face masks not only pamper sunburned or stressed skin, but also provide us with a moment for ourselves – to relax and gain a sense of perspective and rejuvenation. Twenty minutes are enough for a short but luxurious break. "Do nothing," recommends Susan West Kurz, author and former Managing Director of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Inc. (USA).

The skin also needs to breathe - Dr.Hauschka oil-free night care instead of rich moisturisers

Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 07.06.2012/tow – "The nighttime is not just for sleeping", as the lyrics of a popular German song told us over 70 years ago. The skin could be singing the same tune – because it uses the night to regenerate. To do so, it must be able to breathe freely. After all, when we sleep the skin's metabolic activity is especially high. This is why Dr.Hauschka Skin Care offers a nighttime care regimen that is oil free. Our products support the skin's natural activity and innate rhythms. This special care concept sets Dr.Hauschka Skin Care apart from the rest.