Dr. Hauschka
Different from Day One
Different from Day One
We are still rebels.

We are still

Did you think that plant extracts could only be preserved with alcohol? We also manage without. Think that night time facial care has to be oily? Our products allow the skin to breathe. Think that men need their own skin care range? We focus on the skin condition rather than gender. Think that only global beauty groups can produce premium cos-metics? Ours come from a rural manufacturer of medicines.

“We naturally felt like rebels when we developed these unconventional cosmetics”, commented Elisabeth Sigmund, speaking about the early days of Dr. Hauschka in 1967. And we can honestly say that we are still not ‘ordinary’ today.

We keep everything natural.

We keep everything

Synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives? Not for us. Parabens, PEG and mineral oils? Nowhere to be found in our products. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are made using medicinal plants, the best natural substances, the results of our scientific research – along with lots and lots of effort.

As 100 % natural cosmetics, our products are NATRUE- certified. However, we often go above and beyond just meeting the specifications of this international seal of quality with our own, even stricter criteria. Natural cosmetics are not a passing trend for us – they are a serious and stubborn tradition that we have maintained for 50 years.

We do things  differently.

We do things

Our skin looks after itself and renews itself. Cosmetics can and should not take these tasks away from it. The Dr. Hauschka concept aims to cleanse, tone, moisturise and beautify, while also considering the skin’s natural day/night rhythm.

We particularly believe in the importance of oil-free night care. As we come to rest, a period of regeneration begins. The skin should be able to breathe freely during this – and it cannot do so if trapped under a greasy layer. Despite this, we are relatively alone in our recommendation. And are therefore only able to sell half the amount of cream as others.

We are extremely selective.

We are extremely

Wilted herbs cannot be used to make a tasty soup or premium natural cosmetics. We are therefore rather meticulous when selecting our raw materials. They grow in biodynamic quality in our own medicinal herb garden or on our Demeter farm. Often, they are harvested in the early hours of the morning so that they retain their full natural strengths.

What we do not cultivate ourselves, comes in part from wild collections in the Swabian Jura Mountains and in part from organic cultivation projects worldwide. Alternatively, from partners who work as fairly and sustainably as we do.

We stick to the rhythm.

We stick to the

Our company founder Dr. Rudolf Hauschka liked to do things differently. For example, he was dissatisfied with the fact that plant extracts often contained alcohol as a preservative. Therefore, he developed a procedure that used the rhythms of nature instead.

Even today, this rhythmic extract procedure remains part of our complex manufacturing process. During this, we subject natural substances to the alternating influence of heat and cold, darkness and light and rest and movement. As a result, our products remain stable and have a good shelf life even without synthetic preservatives.

We compose cosmetics.

We compose

You need more than a melody to create a symphony. Only through the complex interaction of the individual instruments in an orchestra can the music be produced in all its glory.

Similar applies to each and every Dr. Hauschka Skin Care formulation. As a manufacturer of natural remedies,
we know that every plant, every natural ingredient and its specific properties contributes to making the overall composition of a product harmonious and effective. Even if this makes the manufacturing processes somewhat more complicated.

Treatments with a special touch.

Treatments with
a special touch.

All Dr. Hauschka facial treatments begin with a footbath. Like many of our customs, this is not the norm. Yet we find it helps people to get out of their busy heads and find peace of mind, body and self.

Our various treatments employ not only soft hands, but also delicate brushes. Dr. Hauschka estheticians use products carefully tailored to your skin to impart the knowledge gained from Elisabeth Sigmund: how to use deep relaxation and effective stimuli to reveal the skin’s natural inner beauty.

We have inner beauty too.

We have inner 
beauty too.

Our co-founder Elisabeth Sigmund once said: “People need two kinds of beauty – inner and outer.” And we truly believe this: if you care for your skin with valuable natural cosmetics, look after yourself and find your inner balance, this is also reflected in your outer appearance.

The products in the Dr. Hauschka Make-up line highlight rather than conceal the personality. They provide balance and colour by allowing the user's natural vitality and beauty to shine through.