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Acute Care Potentilla expands the Dr.Hauschka Med systematic medical skin care range for very dry skin and atopic dermatiti.

Acute Care Potentilla

People with very dry skin and atopic dermatitis need professional skin care tailored to the skin’s individual needs – during all phases. With the launch of Dr.Hauschka Med Acute Care Potentilla, Dr.Hauschka Med is expanding its range of daily and intensive skin care products to include an acute care product for atopic dermatitis. Dr.Hauschka Med now offers a range of expedient and tailored systematic medical skin care products for atopic dermatitis.

The ups and downs of atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a recurrent skin condition: phases of seemingly healthy skin alternate with phases in which the skin becomes increasingly imbalanced – until reddened, very itchy skin develops.

Our commitment

Dr.Hauschka Med systematic skin care with formulations made from medicinal plants and natural oils is precisely tailored to the needs of people with very dry skin and atopic dermatitis.

  • Products are intentionally fragrance free.
  • They are even extremely well tolerated by young children. This has been proven by the clinical application study conducted in collaboration with a prestigious German university clinic.

Dr.Hauschka Med Acute Care Potentilla quickly alleviates itchiness even on the first signs of reddened skin. It helps to sustainably break the cycle of itchiness and scratching and soothes areas of skin prone to inflammation. The excellent tolerability and care results in the case of very dry skin and atopic dermatitis have been confirmed by clinical tests.

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