Dr. Hauschka

Celebrating Cosmetics Culture

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care has pampered you from head to toe for the last 50 years. Join us on a journey through our diverse cosmetics culture. Every month, you will discover more background information and find out about projects and people at Dr. Hauschka.

When the first Dr. Hauschka products appeared on the market in 1967, the concept of a natural cosmetics range that promotes healthy skin was something entirely new. Elisabeth Sigmund and Rudolf Hauschka felt like rebels when they developed the pioneering formulations. Their aim was to make use of the powers of nature for skin care through the application of their knowledge and their own processes. They created production principles and made the Dr. Hauschka products, skin care regimes and treatments completely unique.

Every day, those who use our products can tell that the Dr. Hauschka skin care concept affects more than just their skin. Together, the numerous aspects that make this unique quality possible form Dr. Hauschka cosmetics culture. This is an expression of the values that we permanently live by and the activities conducted by the people associated with our skin care products.


Dr. Hauschka skin care products are made from natural raw materials, wherever possible sourced from biodynamic cultivation or harvested in the wild under controlled conditions. They preferably come from the WALA medicinal herb garden, our Biodynamic Sonnenhof farm in Germany, socially responsible cultivation partnerships worldwide and fair trade.

The source of valuable raw materials

Find out about our medicinal herb garden and meet its manager Bernhard Ehrmann.

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Organic raw materials from around the world

To obtain premium organic raw materials, we are committed to projects such as a macadamia nut one in Kenya. Ralf Kunert, Director of Raw Materials Purchasing, reveals more.

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Our products pamper you from head to toe and brighten up your everyday life. They are all NATRUE-certified as natural and organic cosmetics. The facial care products use fortifying and harmonising stimuli to carefully restore the skin’s natural balance. Oil-free night care, which allows the skin to breathe freely and regenerate itself, is a characteristic feature.

Dr. Hauschka products are genuine natural cosmetics

How do the labels of natural cosmetics differ? Constanze Stiefel from our Pharmaceutical/Scientific Information Team explains the answer.

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Powerful and liberating: our night care

Elena Dowedeit, Group Head of Skin Care Product Management, explains how an aqueous night care product uses medicinal plant extracts to give stimuli to the skin.

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At WALA Heilmittel GmbH in Bad Boll, Germany, we manufacture our products in line with pharmaceutical standards. In doing so, we combine our unique wealth of knowledge of medicinal plants, which we have built up since 1935, with the latest scientific research. Everything began with Rudolf Hauschka’s focus on subjecting botanical extracts to rhythmic alternation, e.g. between heat and cold, light and dark or movement and rest.

‘Heilende Kosmetik nach Elisabeth Sigmund’ (‘Healing Skin Care by Elisabeth Sigmund’)

This was the name initially given to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. Florian Öxler, our archivist, talks about our early days in the world of cosmetics.

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A twist of modernity for the old

How did things used to be? Herwig Judex remembers the manufacturing processes from days gone by while Florian Stintzing, Head of Science, explains how we still retain these valuable processes today and enhance them with modern methods.

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We create our formulations on the basis of extensive cosmetic and pharmaceutical expertise, many years of experience and the greatest of care. They contain compositions of medicinal plant extracts, produced using our own special procedure, primarily though manual work. Every product has a special composition, with each and every ingredient contributing to the overall effect.

More than the sum of its parts

How is a new Dr. Hauschka product created? Marie Calas from the development department answers questions using our Make-up line as an example.

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We serve people, not markets

We believe in creating persistent values for people rather than a quick profit. Our status as a company that is managed as a foundation gives us this freedom. General Manager Johannes Stellmann values this greatly.

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Take a break from everyday life. Feel the connection to nature. Dr. Hauschka products create soothing rituals from head to toe and invite you to pay attention to your own needs. A unique, three-step skin care concept for the morning and evening provides the perfect way to start and end each day.

A sound trio for the morning: cleanse, tone, moisturise

Our skin care concept is as rhythmic as life itself. Dr. Hauschka respects and supports the skin’s rhythms with a unique skin care concept. Dr. Hauschka esthetician and product manager Barbara Becheru explains more.

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The joy of a warm embrace

Dr. Hauschka body care is closely linked to warmth. Developer Annette Greco and Product Manager Florian Junge discuss the very special quality of Dr. Hauschka Body Oils and Bath Essences.

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Relaxing skin care treatments are closely associated to the origins of our brand. Elisabeth Sigmund, co-founder of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, already recognised the great importance of lymph stimulation at an early stage. Gentle massaging and brush strokes stimulate the cells and awaken the body’s natural cleansing abilities. Even today, these remain part of all treatments, just like the analysis of the skin condition.

The art of touch

Right back in the 1950s, Elisabeth Sigmund developed a holistic facial treatment that started with a foot bath. Even today, her ideas are still regarded as modern, as Dr. Hauschka esthetician Manuela Schöbel tells us.


Holistic effect

How can products have a deep-acting yet liberating effect on people? Dr. Hauschka esthetician Manuela Schöbel reveals the answer.

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