Dr. Hauschka

Deep Infinity

Eye-catching turquoise. Limited Edition Make-up*

Like the expanse of the sky or the depth of ocean, the Limited Edition Deep Infinity draws the gaze with its powerful colours and shimmering textures. The collection is a confident statement full of elegance and joie de vivre. Fresh, exciting and wonderfully versatile.

* The Limited Edition Deep Infinity is available for a limited time only as an extension of the Dr. Hauschka Make-up range.

Illuminating Fluid 01

Radiant complexion: The light, shimmering texture adapts to all skin tones and gives the complexion a fresh, gossamer shine.

Eyeshadow Palette 02

A real eye-catcher: Four intense, perfectly contrasting colours with three different finishes give depth and expression to the eyes.

Volume Mascara 04

Bold colour accents: This sparkling, turquoise mascara turns lashes into a stand-out highlight and perfectly complements the colours of the Eyeshadow Palette.

Lip Crayon 01

The creamy texture of the Lip Crayon creates colour-intensive lips with a silky sheen.