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Awards for Dr. Hauschka Products

Quality receives its due

The Dr. Hauschka skin care range is certified with the NATRUE label for natural and organic cosmetics. Independent tests have confirmed the quality of Dr. Hauschka skin care products

Germany 2017

Öko-Test test report: Hydrating Foot Cream rated as excellent

“Regular foot massages not only feel great, but can also increase circulation, boost the nutrient supply to the feet, relax the muscles and alleviate pain”, writes ÖKO-TEST.

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Germany 2017

Stiftung Warentest 2017 Recommended lip care

According to the German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest, Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm is to be recommended.

After testing 35 lip care products, it concluded: “We generally recommend certified natural cosmetics for the lips...”. The tests checked for critical crude oil components. 



Stiftung Reformhaus Fachakademie: Reformprodukt des Jahres (Natural product of the year)

The judging panel named Hydrating Cream Mask the natural cosmetic product of the year 2017 for its ability to optimally protect dry, sensitive skin in need of regeneration – especially at the colder times of year.


France 2017

Seven Dr. Hauschka products have received awards from the experts at l’Observatoire des Cosmétiques:

L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques is an independent website for cosmetic products.

Germany 2016

Öko-Test test report: 'very good' for Rose Day Cream

Öko-Test took a close look at face cream and asked whether quality differences justify high price brackets. Its conclusion: “You shouldn’t pay a single extra cent for grand statements alone. … When it comes to skin care products, a high price does not guarantee good quality.”

Rose Day Cream impressed the testers with impeccable ingredients and the fact that it delivers everything it promises.


Russia 2016

Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil was among the winners of the ‘Pharma beauty’ category of the Allure Best of Beauty Award.

Every year, the well-known women’s magazine Allure presents awards to the readers’ and editorial team’s favourite products.


New Zealand 2016

NZ Best In Beauty 2016

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum won the award for 'Best Serum' at the New Zealand Best in Beauty Awards 2016.
Bauer magazines organise the Beauty Awards since fiver years. Bauer’s stable of respected beauty editors may have shortlisted their must-have products – but it was down to the readers to vote for their favourites.

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United Kingdom 2016

CEW Beauty Awards 2016

We are super excited that our Night Serum has been awarded the CEW Beauty Award for BEST NEW CERTIFIED ORGANIC SKINCARE PRODUCT. 

Known as the “Oscars of the Beauty Industry”, the CEW Beauty Awards was first launched in the United Kingdom in 2006 to recognise outstanding product innovation and creativity

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United Kingdom 2016

Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016

Now in its 11th year, the prestigious Natural Health International Beauty Awards includes more than 40 categories and over 150 awarded natural beauty products. Recognised and respected across the industry, the Natural Health International Beauty Awards comprise categories judged by an esteemed panel of editorial and beauty experts, and also reader-voted categories for a consumer stamp of approval. The Dr. Hauschka products below have all been voted by readers of Natural Health Magazine.


Highly Recommended

United Kingdom 2016

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016

The Beauty Shortlist has been voted UK’s No. 1 Beauty Blog 2015. Founded by beauty journalist Fiona Klonarides, the blog has celebrated its 5 year anniversary of “The Best In Beauty” March 2016.


‘Best Night Treatment’ - Night Serum

‘Best International Natural/Organic Beauty Brand’ – Tie Dr. Hauschka / Weleda

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Switzerland 2016

Annabelle - Prix de Beauté 2016

We were able to celebrate two successes at once: Dr. Hauschka Night Serum was nominated in the Prestigious and Popular Natural Cosmetics category. Clarifying Clay Mask was nominated for the Prix de Beauté 2016 Readers’ Choice Award as the favourite face mask.

South Africa 2016

ELLE - South Africa Beauty Awards

The beauty editorial team for the South African version of ELLE has named Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Cream winner of the ELLE Beauty Awards 2016. Thank you! This is fantastic news!

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Germany 2016

Vivaness - Best New Product Awards

Dr. Hauschka Balancing Powder has won! The trade visitors at Vivaness voted it the Best New Product in the Make-Up category. Elena Dowedeit, Group Head of Dr. Hauschka Marketing, accepted the award. The 10th Vivaness international trade fair for natural personal care took place in Nuremberg from 10-13 February 2016.

Germany 2016

Stiftung Reformhaus-Fachakademie - Natural Product of the Year, natural cosmetics category: Night Serum captivates through its use of the natural powers of apples

The judges’ verdict: “The manufacturers of the Reformhaus® range are characterised by continuous innovation. Dr. Hauschka Night Serum, the natural product of the year 2016 in the natural cosmetics category, captivates through its use of the natural powers of apples. The blossom and fruit refresh the skin overnight to leave it noticeably revitalised.”

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South Africa 2015

ELLE South Africa - Beauty Awards

Rose Day Cream is among the winners of the ELLE South Africa Beauty Awards. “A moisturising cream that provides skin nourishment and delivers the hydration required” – Dr Dilshaad Asmal, Dermatologist

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Germany 2015

Stiftung Reformhaus-Fachakademie - Natural Product of the Year, natural cosmetics category: Cleansing Cream

The judging panel’s statement about the Cleansing Cream: “Carefully selected ingredients and a holistic understanding of cosmetics give rise to the quality of this product.”

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United Kingdom 2015

Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Award 2015: seven awards

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible describes beauty that has been inspired by nature. It was written by the renowned journalist Josephine Fairly and her colleague Sarah Stacey. At the 2015 awards ceremony, seven Dr. Hauschka products were applauded.

Germany 2015

Öko-Test test report: 'very good' for Concealer

Natural cosmetics are clearly leading the way; all certified products tested came out as ‘very good’.

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United Kingdom 2015

Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible Awards 2015: Best Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Dr. Hauschka is among the winners of the British AntiAgeing Beauty Bible Awards 2015. Dr. Hauschka Daily Hydrating Eye Cream received the highest award in the ‘Anti-Ageing Eye Creams’ category.

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United Kingdom 2015

Pure Beauty Awards 2015: Silver for Night Serum

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum won the Silver Pure Beauty Award 2015 for natural cosmetics as the best facial care product.

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United Kingdom 2015

2015 Top 100 from the Woman Magazine: Best Foot Cream

Dr. Hauschka has been awarded ” Best Foot Cream” in Woman Magazine’s 2015 Hot 100 Awards. Judged by leading industry experts, our Hydrating Foot Cream won most premium option within the category.

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United Kingdom 2015

Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015: Best International Brand

Dr. Hauschka has won the award for ”International Brand” within the 2015 Natural Health International Beauty Awards. Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm was highly recommended.

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Germany 2015

Öko-Test test report: 'very good' for Sage Deodorant

“Only if a product has no deficiencies will we rate it as ‘very good’”. This applies to Dr. Hauschka Sage Deodorant, the predecessor of Sage Mint Deodorant, for example.

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United Kingdom 2015

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015: Almond Soothing Body Wash highly commended

Dr. Hauschka Body Wash received the accolade ‘highly commended’ at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015.

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United Kingdom 2015

Tatler Beauty Awards 2015: Revitalising Mask highly commended

Dr. Hauschka Revitalising Mask received the accolade ‘highly commended’ from the British magazine Tatler at its Beauty Awards 2015.

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Switzerland 2014

Annabelle - Prix de Beauté 2014

Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence was nominated in the Prestigious and Popular Natural Cosmetics category.

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Germany 2014

Öko-Test test report: ‘very good’ for Almond Soothing Bath Essence

“Most of the ingredients also stimulate relaxation. Almost all the additives create enjoyable bathing experiences without pollutants.”

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USA 2014

Jones‘ Magazine: Best in Beauty Award: revolutionary Cleansing Cream

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream was among the winners of the Best in Beauty Award from the US magazine Jones as it is: one of Jones magazine’s “Revolutionary products and treatments that help turn back the clock on aging to reveal timelessly beautiful skin.”

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USA 2014

Big Day Beauty Awards: Rose Nurturing Body Cream impresses

Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Cream impressed: “Not only is the floral fragrance of this skin soother to die for, but it also ‘really works and protects against harsh elements,’ says a fan.”

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Germany 2014

Öko-Test test report: ‘very good’ for Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream

“Organic creams are the best. … The certified natural cosmetics all have a clean slate.“

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USA 2013

Prevention Beauty Awards: Kajal Eyeliner is the best eye product

Dr. Hauschka Kajal Eyeliner was named Best Eye Product in the Make-up category: “This synthetics-free eye pencil has built-in staying power. We’re in agreement with our reader testers who raved about ‘sharp’ color that didn’t look ‘harsh.’ and stays in place for hours.

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USA 2013

ELLE Beauty Green Stars

Dr. Hauschka won two awards at the ELLE Beauty Green Stars Awards: one for the Translucent Make-up and one for the Pure Care Cover Stick. This is what the jury said about the two products:

“When there’s no time for extra skin prep, Dr. Hauschka Translucent Make-up, infused with hydrating macadamia seed and avocado oils, creates a smooth, even complexion.”

“While some concealers aggravate spots, Dr. Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick works to camouflage redness while treating blemishes without overdrying.”

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USA 2013

Jones Magazine Best in Beauty Skin Care Award

Dr. Hauschka won two awards at the Best in Beauty Skin Care Awards. In the category Eco-Friendly Finds the Almond Soothing Body Cream was very convincing:  “Sweet, smoothing and soothing.”

In the category Editor’s Picks the judging panel picked the Cleansing Cream: “Powerful cleanser: Gently clarifies even the dullest complexion.”

Netherlands 2013

Beauty Astir ‘Best Eco‘ winner: Body Washes

“The natural, soothing oils in these products moisturize the skin with such intensity that the use of body lotion becomes completely unnecessary”,stated the judging panel.

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Estonia 2012

Anne&Stiil Beauty Award: Regenerating Body Cream

"This product really fills a gap," was the verdict given by readers of the Estonian magazine "Anne&Stiil" on Dr.Hauschka's Regenerating Body Moisturizer. The readers thus confirmed the verdict of the eight-strong jury of the beauty and fashion magazine, who voted the body moisturizer the second best body care product in November 2011.

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Canada 2012

Top Beauty 100 Châtelaine: award-winning Soothing Cleansing Milk

Dr. Hauschka Cleasing Milk has been selected as a Chatelaine and Châtelaine 2012 Beauty 100 Winner by Chatelaine’s panel of beauty experts.

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Canada 2012

Clin d'oeil Beauty & Fashion Awards Winner: Almond Soothing Body Cream

Dr. Hauschka Almond Body Moisturizer has been selected winner of Clin d'oeil Beauty & Fashion Award in 2012 by Clin d'oeil's panel of experts

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