Dr. Hauschka

Radiant shine for joyful times

The festive Dr. Hauschka make-up emphasises your inner glow, which is more dazzling than Christmas lights, and makes the holidays an unparalleled time. This winter’s colours are soft, natural and warm. They shine, illuminate and bring out the inner sparkle of every woman – the perfect look for the festive season.

The internationally renowned Dr. Hauschka make-up artist Karim Sattar has created particularly festive make-up for this glittering time of year. The collection is dominated by gold, sandy and brown tones, accented with delicate pink. The focus is on an even complexion and highly expressive, sparkling eyes. He has supplemented this with fresh, delicate, shimmery lips. To give the cheeks a festive, radiant glow, he combines delicate rose with a touch of ivory.

7 steps to radiant festive make-up:

Step 1

The right Foundation for the skin tone. Use Concealer to hide any imperfections and fix with Translucent Face Powder.

Step 2

Accent both edges of the lids with Kajal Eyeliner 04 in soft brown. Blur the line to the upper eyelid crease and the inner corner of the eyes.

Step 3

Apply Eyeshadow 01, golden sand, from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the lid and under the brow bone. Now highlight the eyes from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the lid with Eyeshadow 02, golden earth.

Step 4

Use Kajal Eyeliner 04 to further thicken the upper lashes. Applying the white Kajal from the Kajal Eyeliner Duo 01 to the inner eyelid enlarges the eye and enhances luminosity. For a more intense look, also apply Eyeliner Liquidin brown.

Step 5

Vigorously apply Volume Mascara 01in black to eyelashes. Position the brush close to the lash line and pull through to the end of the lashes using a zig-zag motion.

Step 6

Use Rouge Powder 03, blushing rosé, on the upper cheekbones.

Step 7

Line the lips with Lipliner 03, soft rosé, then apply Lipstick 01 in soft coral and add a shiny finish with Lip Gloss 01, rose.