Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

The Experts at Dr. Hauschka Skin Care stand by this fact. We recommend an approach to skin care that complements the biology of the skin and supports long-term skin health. Because beautiful skin isn't always healthy — but healthy skin is always beautiful. Rather than masking or suppressing your skin’s natural processes with harsh treatments or applying preparations that encourage product dependency, our natural preparations effectively, comfortably and healthfully guide your skin to a beautiful state.


The Only Ingredients You Need

The experts at Dr. Hauschka Skin Care understand your skin. We know both what it needs and doesn’t need for a healthy, radiant appearance.

With over forty-seven years of experience formulating natural skin care products, we have identified over one hundred highly potent plants that guide skin to a balanced, beautiful state.


A Clinical Approach to Beauty

Chemist Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, a co-founder of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, didn’t start off as a skin care formulator. For over thirty years the sole focus of WALA Heilmittel, the company he founded, was making homeopathic medicines that promoted health by treating illness at its root cause rather than simply relieving symptoms.


A Legacy of Care

47 years ago, a revolutionary line of skin care was introduced based upon the concept that if you support the health of your skin, beauty will inevitably follow. This approach stood in stark contrast to conventional skin care lines that held the idea that beautiful skin required quick fixes and cover-ups.


Powerfully Gentle: Transforming Skin with Care and Reverence

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. It’s balanced, meaning the skin has the proper amount of oil and water content for a smooth, supple, even appearance. However due to changes in the environment or our bodies, from time to time, our skin loses its balance, becoming oily, dry, sensitive or tired-looking.


The Beauty of Every Face: Elisabeth Sigmund in Her Own Words

In December 2013, Esthetician, Formulator and Co-Founder of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Elisabeth Sigmund passed away at the age of 99. This month, we focus on interviews she’s given over the years, which we find all the more poignant in light of her recent death.


Behind Every Rose

A Damask rose bush stands in an Ethiopian field, thriving on the sun, rain and soil, tended to by the farmers of Terra PLC, an organic cooperative co-founded by Dr. Hauschka as part of a fair trade sourcing initiative. The plant absorbs its sustenance, buds appear and roses bloom; a simple yet beautiful transfer of energy and life.


Fragrance Families from Perfumer Jörg Zimmermann

With the debut of our new Bath Essences this fall,
Dr. Hauschka now offers four distinct fragrance families from natural essential oils, each featuring unique skin and aromatherapeutic benefits: Almond, Lavender, Lemon Lemongrass and Rose.


300 Million Roses Picked for You

At Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, when we talk about our rose ingredients, we often use the word “precious.” And we mean that quite literally. “Precious” speaks to the respect we feel for the Damask rose’s nurturing properties, the value the rose holds for our company, and the great care and effort required to transform a rose into the highest quality ingredients possible for our products.